Strategist, experienced concept developer, advisor and consultant on the fields of Talent development and Communication. Architect of strategy outlines and high end programs on Business development and People development. We focus on mission, vision and strategy concepts.

Our main focus will always be the client, being or a director, or a management team or a group of hard working employees of all kind of organizations and professional businesses and getting things done.

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More than 20 years Margôt is considered a valuable partner on the field of Talent- and Business development for as well national as international companies. Internationally she is specialized in the Middle East. 

She successfully played a consulting role on major strategic topics in superior companies in pharmaceutical and packaging industry, healthcare, law, insurance industry, transport- and logistics as well as in the technical installation sector. Has a comprehensive record of success developing and implementing business strategies of company development and people development. 

She was and still is actively involved  in connecting European and Middle Eastern companies and leaders. Owner of several businesses. Founding partner and CSO of Lemniscate Talent Development. 

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wherever you go, go convincingly


Margôt maintains strong network connections in the international business community. 

Possesses analytical as well as strategic thinking skills, high standards of professionalism and personal integrity. Her second nature is bringing people together and create business opportunities for them. Combined with her analytical and strategic skills makes her and others successful. 

Has knowledge, understanding and flexibility to operate in diverse international, regional and local environments. Strong in creating exclusive programs for board room level. 

Clients see Margôt as an open, initiative and positive person who is very goal driven. Her motto is “Dare to dream big and always find the courage and perseverance to realize them”! 

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For a number of our projects we work together with our regular partner Bureau B'lieve. 

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