The support of a student at the workplace has a great influence on the degree of progress and success of a training process. Good support leads to success for the student but also for the sector. For years it has been proven, nationally and internationally that the practice/job mentor is of essential importance with the training/support of young employees. Moreover, the demand for “masters” is increasing more and more in many countries.

Client objective: Stimulating awareness, acknowledgement of the importance of the work of practice and job mentors in sectors and companies for the retention and the development of these sectors.

Stimulating self-appreciation and professional pride with the practice and job mentors.

Result: Since 2015 we have been organising annual national days whereby, since 2016, a recognition is linked in the shape of an election for practice mentor of the year. Within a relatively short period, these days and the associated recognition have grown to become a national movement that is widely embraced by the sector.

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